• Your bisness—
    from idea to dividends

  • Your bisness—
    from idea to dividends

  • Your bisness—
    from idea to dividends


Our researches

 RTK TM - is an engineering company, part of the RusTransCom holding (one of the largest private rail operatorof the Russian Federation) representing the direction of strategic development in the field of port and terminal assets and transport systems.

About company

As a result of consolidation of the holding RusTransCom (RTC), in 2014 it was decided to focus on the development of its own and partner port-terminals, grain-elevators and other development projects. To this end, the department of strategic development has been strengthened and highlighted in a separate legal unit - RTC Terminals Management.

RTC TM specialization

Pre-project development, investment justification and investment projects management in area of infrastructure and transport assets construction, marine terminals and transport systems reconstruction, taking into consideration local topographic and demographic specifics of area.

Company services

  • Business case justification. Concept development combining functional objects and objects group into a single system;
  • Pre-project development, including object(s) allocating linking with external infrastructure and ensuring correct technical function;
  • Business plan development, including marketing, production and financial-economic models, variants of business development, risks and others.
  • Development of an optimal set of documents sufficient for making an investment decision by the Customer;
  • Full support of the project work and approvals;
  • Full support of the construction objects and multi-level systems consisting of interconnected business units;
  • Commissioning and maintenance until the full project capacity is reached.


Efficiency oflogistic system depend on balance of capacities at all stages of a logistic chain: production - storage - transportation - the port terminal.

The applied technique for development of the concept of construction of a network of grain elevators and the grain cargo forming knots with a binding to port terminals:

  1. Measurement and assessment of cargo-base of all grain growing regions areas of country;
  2. An assessment of an export potential of the country taking into account structure and features of internal production, consumption and redistribution of reserves of grain;
  3. An assessment of the existing and potential directions of export of the grain.
  4. Allocation of the most perspective zones with definition of estimated points of a location of objects, including for the purpose of formation of the Cluster.
  5. An assessment of the existing port capacities on suitability of placement in the territory of port of the grain terminal. In the absence of such opportunity – definition of the next site of the terminal.
  6. An assessment of transport infrastructure from places of formation of freights to the port terminal with identification of "bottlenecks" – the restrictions influencing the capacity and calculation of logistics.
  7. Financial and technical modeling of network functioning of business units, calculation and analysis of economic effect.